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Points for attention of mine rope saw in use

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Do not know how to operate the mine sawing machine or operation of the unskilled operator, may appear mine wire saw skid, short rope, rope or saws have been worn phenomenon, and the maintenance is in order to improve the work efficiency and the service life of mine wire saw. Therefore, how to correctly use mine rope saw machine, in the process of use, we should pay attention to what?

Points for attention of mine rope saw in use:
1. shut off the power supply before you turn on the main power supply of the wire saw.
2 when adjusting the left and right position and direction of the drive flywheel, it is necessary to see if there are any obstructions around it or whether it will touch other parts of the equipment. When the drive flywheel is adjusted to the end of the left and right position, it should be adjusted immediately so as not to damage the screw, nut or burn the motor winding. It is strongly recommended not to adjust the drive flywheel to the left and right end position. The wheel vertical position shall not be turned, otherwise there may be twisted main motor cable.
3., when cutting, always check the supply of cooling water, once the cooling water supply is not in place, should immediately stop cutting, to avoid damage to string of beads.
4., sawing and cutting operations are strictly prohibited when the power supply is out of phase.
5. the cutting machine must be cut according to the principle of cutting the vertical surface first after cutting the horizontal plane. In the horizontal plane of the cutting process, the support of wedge cutting should be timely completed one. To prevent rock falling on local Beaded rope, causing Beaded rope scrap and accident. If necessary, you can also insert the wedge bearing in the vertical cracks in the isolated body.
6. the mine rope saw machine can not adjust the position of the drive flywheel during the normal sawing operation, and the sawing operation can not be carried out while adjusting the position of the drive flywheel.
7. in case of severe weather such as thunderstorm or rainstorm, the sawing operation shall be stopped as soon as possible, and all the switches shall be turned off in time. When necessary equipment will be transferred to a safe location to avoid danger.
8. turn off the power supply and all the switches before or after the sawing operation.
9. work equipment found live shell must immediately stop check, troubleshooting before boot share
10. regularly check the connection lines, terminals, joint problems should take immediate measures to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
Should immediately press the operation table 11. in the operation process of the equipment in case of an emergency "emergency stop button" in ensuring the safety of the situation can reset "emergency stop button" to share
12. prohibit non professional personnel to modify the parameters in the frequency converter.

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